Key Features

Say no to bullying!

Our syllabus is designed in a very structured way. It enables our students to take a realistic approach in developing their skills and training experience. Easy to learn and apply.

After a few months training at our academies, they go out without fear of being challenged by bullies. So, train hard and Act Smart. This is what we teach our students.

Boost your Self Confidence!

We work on both, mind and body.

'When we believe in ourselves, we start to believe in opportunities around us. And, when we lose faith in our abilities, we end up ignoring ourselves'. Shifu Umar

Training at STKA is known for its highest quality and rich content. Decades of hard work and experience of our respected masters forms our internationally recognised syllabus.

We assist our students in polishing up on their hidden abilities which has proven to be a great Confidence Booster in their lives.

Self Defence

Shaolin Kung Fu is known to be the most effective Self Defence system in the world. Techniques we use at our academies are safe, effective and target oriented. Causing no or little harm to the opponent whilst ensuring your maximum safety. Our ideology is to protect, not to harm others. Therefore, our training focuses on developing students to defend against street and other real scenarios.

Health and Wellbeing

We work with a variety of local schools, colleges and institutions to promote Health and Wellbeing throughout the UK. This also helps us to talent hunt those who might represent us in international events and world championships.

Passing with Flying colours

Due to the rich content of our Syllabus and the hardwork of our experienced Coaches students pass with excellent scores and above expectations. We excel in providing high quality training. We use simple methods that makes the training very realistic and easy to undertake at all levels.

Students with Special Needs

We also tailor for the needs of those with disabilities including Dementia, Learning difficulties and Autism. Feel free to join us and be part of our family.

Our History

Our Shaolin History

our history

Shaolin Tai Chi Kung Fu Academy also known as STKA was founded in 1994. STKA has been operating in the Southeast of England for over a decade. Our Headquarters along with 3 operational academies are based in Crawley. A beautiful town in the heart of West Sussex, England.

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