Our Shaolin History

Sifu Umar Khan - Scafell pike at 2800 ft

Sifu Umar Khan

Scafell pike at 2800 ft

Shaolin Tai Chi Kung Fu Academy

Shaolin Tai Chi Kung Fu Academy also known as STKA was founded in 1994. STKA has been operating in the Southeast of England for the past 8 years. Our Headquarters along with 3 operational academies are based in Crawley. A beautiful town in the heart of West Sussex, England. Internationally STKA is operating in the UK, France, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and India. We aim to promote the best self defence system our Shaolin generations have been training dating back to the 4th century.

Bewbush Academy, Crawley, England

Bewbush Academy

Crawley, England

Training and Skills

In Shaolin Kung Fu flexibility and balance is known as ‘Childish Skills’ which have been classified into 18 postures. Our daily warm up exercises include all of these. Whereas, Power Skills include Qigong meditation, internal and external. Qigong is divided into 72 arts, 36 soft and 36 hard exercises. On the other hand, the Combat Skills include various barehanded, weapon and barehanded vs weapon routines (styles) and their combat methods.

Shaolin Temple, China

Shaolin Temple


Shaolin Temple

In 495 AD, Shaolin Temple was built in the Song Mountain, Henan province of China. The training of Shaolin Kung Fu was at its peak. Each generation of Monks transferred their skills and knowledge into the next generation making it the strongest chain of practice in the world of Martial Arts. The strength of Shaolin Kung Fu can be noted by looking back at July 21st 1553 when a group of 120 Shaolin Warriors led by the Shaolin Monk Tianyuan defeated a group of over 300 pirates. The pirates suffered over 100 casualties and the monks only four. Our Shaolin Kung Fu Code of Ethics and Discipline is based on the core principles of Shaolin Monastery. Training in our academy will provide you with an in-depth understanding of Shaolin, Wushu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and their extended concepts. The usual classification of contents are: Basic skills, Power Skills and Combat Skills. Where basic skills include Stamina, Flexibility and Balance. This improves the body abilities in doing Martial Arts manoeuvres.

One of our students at Southgate Academy, Crawley, England

Southgate Academy

Crawley, England

Shaolin Kung Fu Styles

Shaolin Kung Fu has more than hundreds of extant styles. There is recorded documentation of more than 1000 extant forms which makes Shaolin ‘The Biggest School of Martial Arts in the world’. Imitative styles include Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Eagle, Monkey, Mantis, Krane, Snake and some others.

Tai Chi Session at Bewbush Academy, Crawley, England.

Bewbush Academy

Crawley, England

Tai Chi

Tai Chi which is also the spirit of our training. Tai Chi Chuan/TaiJiQuan is unlike hard Kung Fu, strive for quiescence of body, mind and intention. This enables us to provide a very strong foundation and a balanced structure based on the combination of hard and soft Kung Fu. This shapes a positive mindset that assists in achieving results beyond imagination.